Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia

Find out what happens in each episode of Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia, as Val travels Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia


Valentine Warner cooks haddock in the Norwegian fjords and gets a crash course in open sandwich-making from Denmark's Delia, Trine Hahnemann. Then it’s guerilla dining The Killing-style, using a hypodermic needle to inject venison with truffle oil in an underground car park.


From Denmark to Norway and on to Sweden bringing delicious dishes to your kitchen.


Valentine heads to the glorious Danish island of Lolland, a natural larder of beautiful ingredients. He makes a creamy goats’ cheesecake then transforms roasted duck with cherry wine. But shrimp foraging in this seaside idyll proves a tricky challenge for the adventurous cook.


Valentine meets some of the brains behind three times world best restaurant Noma, as he's invited into the laboratory where they develop recipes. He also explores more traditional Danish cuisine, making a classic liver pate, pastries with twist and the Scandi favourite, rye crisp bread.


It's summer, and Valentine heads for Sweden's prettiest forest to forage wild strawberries for an outdoor baking session. Then it's off to the wild and windy Weather Islands to catch and cook langoustine for a party of very merry locals. Aquavit, anyone?

Valentine Warner preparing to cook another Scandi-inspired dish.

Valentine Warner preparing to cook another Scandi-inspired dish.


Things are hotting up for Valentine as he cooks over fire with chef Niklas Ekstedt at his Michelin-starred fire pit restaurant in Stockholm. Then he cooks all day and parties all night at a Midsummer celebration on the coast, serving a show-stopping whole tandoori lamb followed by delicate elderflower fritters.


Valentine goes head to head in a meatball-making competition with the resident expert at Stockholm's Backpackers' Hostel. From everyone's favourite to more unusual Scandinavian delights, he learns how to make a mouth-watering rhubarb cake, turns freshly caught mackerel into a simple burger and creates liquorice ice cream with caramelised breadcrumbs.

Always looking for adventure, Valentine Warner on a snowmobile.

Always looking for adventure, Valentine Warner on a snowmobile.


Valentine's heading for the wilds of Norway, making lamb stew fit for a Viking and falling in love (sort of) with brown cheese. Salmon fishing on a famous river pays dividends and he makes two great dishes - a quick version of the classic gravlaks and a surprising salmon Scotch egg.


It's winter, and Valentine cooks game bird capercaillie with Sweden’s wildest chef, Magnus Nilsson, at his snow-bound destination restaurant Faviken. Back in Stockholm, he makes cinnamon buns with stay at home dads at a sourdough hotel, and gets to grips with the ultimate Scandinavian street food, fried herrings.


Valentine's ice-fishes on a frozen Swedish lake, and proves you only need a plank, a fire and a fish for a delicious lunch. After a cold morning moose-hunting, he heads indoors to create an inspiring dish with a surprising ingredient, chocolate moose.


The intrepid cook is above the Arctic Circle, in the beautiful, snowy land of the reindeer. But cooking smoked reindeer heart in -32C is challenging - it's so cold Valentine's fingers stick to the knife. Fortunately, the local Sami people are on hand with warming dishes to thaw him out.